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A look back at some of the stories we covered in 2014 including the Millennium Hollywood project, Beachwood Canyon Gridlock and more.
A group called “The Los Angeles Budget Advocates” has called for an “independent and transparent” analysis of the proposals currently under consideration for the future operation of the Greek Theatre.
Fourteen candidates remain in the race to represent City Council District 4 (CD4), one of which will replace termed-out Tom LaBonge in the March 3, 2015 election.
In January, the five-suite Hotel Covell will open above the popular Hollywood Boulevard wine and beer bar.
The demolition of the house ends local preservationists’ hopes of saving one of the few known single-family residences designed by Martin
Southern California home sales dropped to the lowest level in seven years for November. Local zip codes reflect a November housing market that appears to be doing just fine, despite the somewhat downbeat regional reports.
Jill's Paint  carries hard-to-find brands that designers and independent contractors travel countywide to buy.
In his book about early Silver Lake history, Locke investigates the lives of “mansion builders and movie stars, bohemians, visionaries and just plain folk” who contributed to the area’s illustrious past.
Multi-talented Silver Lake actress, playwright and producer Josefina Lopez has a dream that is becoming a reality. She has created a cultural center made up of 99-seat theater, Casa 0101, which also includes an art gallery and Teatro Para Todos.
A listing of this month's arts and entertainment events around town, including the new exhibit
Night + Market Song is a dream of a Thai restaurant filled with happy young people nonchalantly ordering water bug relish, pig blood dipping soup and strip club fried rice complete with wiener blossoms.
What’s most alarming is that parents—and yes, I include myself here—have become so oblivious to the impact of technology that they’ve stopped questioning their children’s exposure to it and how that may impact their growth and education.
The 4th grade class at Lycée International de Los Angeles’ Los Feliz campus took a hands-on approach as they prepared their own interpretation of
Skylight’s $5,000 grant is earmarked as a much-needed re-design of its children’s section, to make it more kid-friendly, allow better display and to replace old bookshelves that are not conducive to comfortable browsing.
On behalf of the Immaculate Heart school community, we wish readers a happy New Year!


Stories in Review

A look back at some of the stories we covered in 2014 including the Millennium Hollywood project, Beachwood Canyon Gridlock and more.

[CD4 Election] Rodney King, Community Policing and Body Cameras

We focused the candidates on the LAPD regarding officer-mounted cameras, the possibility of new de-escalation guidelines and their impressions of Chief of Police Charlie Beck.

In Wake of Ferguson, Council Holds Meeting to Talk Youth Interaction with Police

Being stopped by the police—and the consequential, tragic decisions made by some law enforcement—have stirred an intense conversation about race and police force across the nation, in part, due to two, contentious cases.

Street Vending Guidelines Under Consideration by City

A framework to legalize street vending is in the works by Los Angeles city officials