“A Great big, Small-Town Newspaper”

The area of Los Feliz, Silver Lake and the Hollywood Hills is a growing, dynamic, eclectic slice of Los Angeles with enough issues and interesting people, places and stories to tell that we felt it deserved its own newspaper.

Since the successful launch of the Los Feliz Ledger in 2005, we have caught on with local residents and business leaders as the source for area information, news and guidance for goods and services.

Currently, we distribute 34,500 copies to homes and business on the last Thursday of each month. Research shows there is a “pass-a-long” factor of three times that amount, as the newspaper is passed from reader to reader in a household or business. For Ledger advertisers, that represents 100,000 potential readers each month.

Not only do we deliver these potential new customers, but we bring to you active and community-minded customers. Readers have told us time and time again they support the paper’s advertisers as a way of demonstrating their own commitment to community.

Whether it’s helping local readers understand how complex city, county, state or nationwide issues affect them, or a story about the first “Princess of Silver Lake,” or a local firefighter receiving a commendation for heroism, the Ledger, as one reader put it, is “a great big, small-town newspaper.”


Allison B. Cohen, Publisher


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