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  1. Robert Peppey says:

    Dear Ms Cohen,

    Ms Johnson’s comments published in the Los Feliz Ledger’s September issue concerning the Mayor’s Mobility Plan 2035 are a misrepresentation of the SLNC Governing Board (GB) and the SLNC Transportation and Public Works (TPW) actions. The August 5th, 2015 SLNC GB had a motion on its agenda brought to the board by the SLNC TPW as you can see below:
    9.7. MOTION (Transportation And Public Works Committee): Move to support Mobility Plan 2035 with submission to the City
    Clerk of a Community Impact Statement stating this position
    That there was no presentation or discussion of Motion 9.7 at the SLNC GB meeting, responsibility for which lie with the Chair of the August SLNC GB meeting; in that the meeting was not posted in accordance with the Brown Act; the Chair did not allocate time properly and limit time for discussion by board members on other agenda items; and thus the spokesperson for the Mobility Plan 2035, that the SLNC TPW had selected to make a presentation, who attended the meeting to address Motion 9.7 was not given an opportunity to do so.
    And the SLNC GB was not given the opportunity to discuss or vote on the motion. Nor were the stakeholders in attendance who wished to comment on Motion 9.7 given a chance to do so so after patiently waiting three and half hours.

    As a SLNC TPW committee member, who attended its July meeting, I can attest that the Mobility Plan 2035 was throughly discussed at the committee’s July meeting and we were given an extensive presentation on it by Hyeran Lee, from the LACBC. I have no idea how Ms Johnson came up with her inaccurate assertions concerning this meeting as she was not in attendance.

    As to Ms Johnson’s comment about a “public airing”. The SLNC TPW meeting was properly posted beforehand, in accordance with the SLNC bylaws and the Brown Act, and thus did give the “public”, I believed Ms Johnson meant to say Silver Lake stakeholders, the opportunity to attend the meeting, hear the presentation, take part in discussion and vote on Motiom 9.7.

    As to Ms Johnson’s comments about attendance at the SLNC TPW July meeting, I would compare attendance at the July SLNC TPW meeting with that of the August 26, 2015 SLNC Governmental Affairs Committee meeting.
    I can attest to seven stakeholders being attendees, all committee members, at the August 26, 2015 SLNC Governmental Affairs Committee meeting, which Ms Johnson co-Chairs, in which “contentious issues”, such as the new Homeless Ordinance and Digital billboards were discussed and a motion was passed concerning the ordinance. This shows a double standard on the part of Ms Johnson’s comments to the Ledger in referring to the SLNC TPW giving a “public airing”.

    Lastly the Mayor’s Mobility Plan 2035 was not approved by the SLNC TPW at its July meeting. We passed a motion, now Motion 9.7, in asking the SLNC GB to approve sending a CIS to the City Council in support of the plan.

    Ms Johnson misrepresents Neighborhood Councils (NC) and their committees to their detriment by using the term “approve”. NC’s are advisory organizations and do not approve City policy or ordinances.

    The Mayor’s Plan was approved in August by a 12 to 2 majority including both of Silver Lake’s Councilmembers voting in favor.


    Robert Peppey
    Silver Lake Homeowner
    SLNC TPW and GAC Committee Member
    SLNC Region 5
    3523 Crestmont Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90026

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