Atwater Woman Killed by Nephew Was “Funny” and “Personable”

The scene today at the 4100 block of Willimet Street in Atwater where it is believed police shot a suspect after responding to an emergency call of shots being fired. Photo: Erin Hickey/Los Feliz Ledger.

The scene yesterday at the 4100 block of Willimet Street in Atwater where Carlos Wilhelm, 39, killed his aunt over being evicted from the home they shared. Wilhelm was shot by police and died later in the day. Photo: Erin Hickey/Los Feliz Ledger.

ATWATER VILLAGE–Lorraine Gonzalez, 55, was killed by her nephew, Carlos Wilhelm, 39, yesterday after he was evicted earlier in the day from the Willimet Street home they shared with her parents, according to neighbors who knew the family.

“We saw the ambulance come for Carlos,” one neighbor said today, “and then when we didn’t see a second one, we started to worry something was wrong.”

Police were alerted that shots had been fired at the home and officers encircled Wilhelm, who was armed.

According to Los Angeles Police Dept. spokesperson John Jenal, the situation quickly became a “tactical deployment” situation due to Gonzalez’s condition. Police would not provide details on exactly how Wilhelm was shot, but it is believed they opened fire in order to get medical attention to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was pronounced dead at the scene. Wilhelm was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and died around midnight September 17th.

Neighbors described Gonzalez as “funny” and “personable,” noting she always made it a point to come out of the house and say hello. According to neighbors, Gonzalez, who was deaf, was active in the deaf community.

The home at 4168 Willimet Street is owned by Gonzalez’s parents Magdelena and Joseph Gonzalez, both in their 70s.




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