Baseball at Crystal Springs Hearing, March 5th

Ballfields Art-May 2012GRIFFITH PARK—The Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks five panel Board of Commissioners will decide whether to move forward with two youth baseball fields at Crystal Springs on March 5th. The time and location of the meeting is still undetermined.

The board—consisting of four recently appointed new members—will decide if the project should move forward; if changes, or clarifications, to the $240,000 environmental report conducted by the city should be made; or kick the issue to the Los Angeles City Council.

To date, a “sub committee” task force consisting of new commissioners Kafi D. Blumenfield and Iris Zuniga has been tasked with studying the ballfields project which is opposed by some due to the relocation of seven picnic tables and the removal—and replanting—of approximately 40 trees.

The ballfields would be the first youth sized diamonds in Griffith Park, which services 14 elementary and four middle schools nearby.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge has pushed for the project since 2005. Fellow councilmember Mitch O’Farrell has recently said he has not taken a position on the project, although it has been reported since last November he supported it.

Also at the March 5th hearing, the issue of whether to construct a permanent stage at the park’s “Old Zoo” area for the local Symphony in the Glen and Independent Shakespeare Co. will also be heard. Some have opposed that project as well due to the removal of picnic tables.

The city was allocated Prop. K funding for the $950,000 baseball fields in 2010. Prop. K is a voter-approved measure to create more recreational space for Los Angeles children.

To read an editorial and for more information on this issue see pages 18 and 19.


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  1. Chris Love says:

    I am opposed to all development in Griffith Park.

    Los Angeles has very few spots where one can go to enjoy the natural environment, unhindered by development. Griffith Park is a rare jewel in our cap. Any kind of development inevitably opens the door for more development. I feel the same about the stage proposal and the ball fields. I am not a member of FOGP. I am a mother and I frequently enjoy the park with my son. We are also fans of The Independent Shakespeare Company.

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