LAFD to Crack Down on Los Feliz Encampments

The Los Angeles Fire Dept. has begun a preemptive sweep of hillside camps after officials found a December blaze started in a brush-adjacent homeless encampment.

The Los Angeles Fire Dept. (LAFD) will conduct a sweep of homeless encampments in the brush areas of Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills throughout the next week, according to LAFD Public Information Officer Erik Scott.

The sweep, which began on Friday, January 5th, is part of a citywide effort to curtail homeless encampments in high fire risk areas following the December Skirball fire, which officials say began at a homeless encampment near the 405 freeway, the Los Angeles Times reported January 8th.

The weeklong sweep is the first step in an LAFD safety program that includes ongoing surveys and reporting of homeless encampments as well as arson-prevention measures, according to an overview of the program released by LAFD.

According to the report, if a brush encampment is found, LAFD will notify the city’s Fire Prevention Bureau of its exact location along with the property owner and “partner agencies,” such as the Los Angeles Police Dept. for follow up.

According to Scott, the survey will target only those areas that pose a fire risk, and will not extend to encampments in the flats of Los Feliz.


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