[LETTER TO THE EDITOR] Revoke Parking Restrictions in Beachwood

Our historic building at 2560 N. Beachwood Drive was built in the 1920s as a neighborhood silent movie theater and became Besant Lodge in 1955. It continues to be a meeting place for our lodge, several community organizations and is used on Sunday mornings for a small church frequented by several residents of Beachwood Canyon.

Since the onset of the very large influx of tourists into Beachwood Canyon, these activities have suffered greatly.

Many attendees of Besant Lodge events have had a very difficult time parking, which worsened when the streets in upper Beachwood Canyon were subjected to restricted parking on Saturdays and Sundays. That action has forced all of the tourist parking into lower Beachwood Canyon where we are located.

We find it increasingly difficult to maintain our activities and the community organizations using our building are similarly afflicted. We dread the possibility of having to cease operations as several businesses in the Village’s small shopping area by the stone gates have already done.

We appreciate all efforts being made to ease the situation, including the closing of access to the park and to the Hollywood sign, as well as a possible gondola plan of our mayor.

Still, the only possible easing of the crisis could happen if the weekend parking restriction in upper Beachwood could be revoked. It seems extremely unjust to us that a minority of residents in upper Beachwood Canyon can force all the vehicles into lower Beachwood and destroy businesses and our cultural activities here.

Those of us who—like myself and the organization I head have been living and active in lower Beachwood for several decades—are in great distress and are pleading anxiously for redress in this desperate crisis that has come to afflict one of the most beautiful historic areas of old Hollywood.

Stephan A. Hoeller 

President, Besant Lodge of Hollywood


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  1. robnen says:

    Greetings! I’d like to second Bishop Hoeller’s motion above that weekend parking restrictions in Beachwood Canyon be relaxed. It is indeed unfair that the lower part of Beachwood bears the brunt of the restrictions, and parking is difficult for both residents and non-residents alike who frequent the vendors in the shopping area by the gate. That area has always been an essential part of Beachwood Canyon’s charm, but as Bishop Hoeller has noted, some businesses in the area have already had to cease business activities. It’s difficult to process why one part of Beachwood Canyon should be more privileged than the other which is essentially penalized, but hopefully this issue can be rectified- hopefully sooner than later.

    Robert Nenkov

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