Neighborhood Council Requests More Los Feliz Crosswalks

bug-4LOS FELIZ—The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) has made pedestrian safety a priority, unanimously passing in mid-October four new motions requesting either new crosswalks or crosswalk improvements at various local intersections.

In letters to the Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation (LADOT) and the Los Feliz Business Improvement District, the LFNC requested three new crosswalks be added—at Hollywood Boulevard and Rodney Drive, at Fountain and Bates avenues and along Fountain Avenue between Bates Avenue and Manzanita Street—and that safety improvements be made to two existing crosswalks at Myra and Fountain avenues and Vermont and Russell avenues.

All five crossings are highly trafficked by pedestrians, but three of them—those connecting to Fountain Avenue—are frequented by children, as they lead to Thomas Starr King Middle School.

Although there is currently a crosswalk at Myra and Fountain avenues near the school, the LFNC requested a change to traffic signals, known as a “leading pedestrian interval,” which would allow pedestrians at that intersection to begin crossing several seconds before the light turns green for motorists.

Currently, motorists “may find themselves turning into a student crossing on foot who they don’t see early enough,” the LFNC wrote in a letter to LADOT. “By implementing a leading pedestrian interval, students will have time to become visible in the intersection.”

Additionally, the board requested the crosswalk be painted with an eye-catching design, such as the school’s logo, to designate the “intersection is special and used primarily by students.”

Also of concern is the crosswalk at Vermont and Russell avenues, near Fred 62 in Los Feliz Village, where pedestrians often find themselves at odds with motorists using Vermont Avenue as a thoroughfare to the 5 and 101 freeways.

For that intersection, the board requested curb extensions to shorten the crossing distance as well as reflectors, flashing lights and in-street crossing signs to increase visibility.

Lastly, the LFNC asked for a lit crosswalk with curb extensions at Hollywood Boulevard and Rodney Drive, near Wacko and Covell, where “it is becoming common to see people running across the street at unmarked crossings.”

Currently, the closest crosswalk to that intersection is about 500 feet away, at Hollywood Blvd. and Lyman Place.


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