[OUR MOTHER OF GOOD COUNSEL] School Newspaper and Open House

Gabriela Rubalcava, 6th grade

This year as an OMGC student, I am participating in our school’s newspaper program. Newspaper is a great way for all of our school students to learn about upcoming school events, the new top trending things that are happening locally as well as globally and so much more.

Every month we try to print at least one school newspaper. Each month we pick an inspirational person and write all about them and what they do—big or small.

Our team consists of ten students and our teacher Miss Wareham. Every person on the team has a different specialty. We have format design, entertainment, news, photography and more.

This year I am in charge of photography. Each week we all have to do our part and we email our work to our teacher’s school email. That Friday we take out the work from her email and our format designer plans out the newspaper on a dedicated laptop computer.

Our teacher then prints out the papers, and we give them to every teacher to give to all of the students. We think that this is a great way to let the students know what is going on, and they think so too.

You can meet Miss Wareham, our newspaper team, and see all of the great things we’re doing at OMGC at our open house on Sunday, January 28th. Our school is open 11:00AM-1:00PM and the Kona Ice truck will be there too!

Parking will be available in the OMGC Church parking lot at 2060 N. Vermont Ave.


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