[OUR MOTHER OF GOOD COUNSEL] Setting Goals for the School Year

OMGC_LOS FELIZ_SEPT 2016Welcome back to school, Dolphins! Julius Erving once said, “Goals determine what you are going to be.”

It’s a new year and a new you, so set goals and work hard to achieve them. Goals are hard to achieve alone, so we always have some help.

This year to help us, we have a new Student Council, two new teachers, Mrs. Helton and Ms. Karagezyan, and our new returning principal, Ms. Essman.

After the first weeks of school have ended, and the hard work has begun, it is good to have fun once in a while!

Our Mother of Good Counsel School has many activities for fun, such as the yearly chocolate sale, the Fall Festival, the Talent Show, and so many more! I know this will be the year that all of us students, parents, and teachers will remember forever.


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