“Plate Gate” Resolved: Laib to Remain on Boards

Los Feliz resident and community activist Chris Laib.

Longtime Los Feliz community member and activist Chris Laib will remain in his Los Angeles city advisory roles after a December allegation of sexual harassment was downgraded to “unprofessional conduct” in January, according to Laib.

Laib, who has served for decades on multiple volunteer city and private advisory boards, was asked to step down from two of them—the Greek Theater and Griffith Park advisory boards—after an internal city investigation ruled December 8th he had acted inappropriately toward city staffer Adriana Smith when he tapped her on the backside with a paper plate during a November 21st Greek Theater breakfast meeting.

The sexual harassment allegation was made, not by Smith, but by Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commissioner Pilar Diaz, in what is known as a “third-party complaint.”

The incident, which has come to be known colloquially as “plate gate” caused many familiar with Laib, who is gay and has been in a long-term relationship for decades, to speculate the allegation was at best city overreach and at worst political retaliation for positions he had taken on a number of issues, including Greek Theater management and the 2028 Olympics.

According to Laib, while the city ultimately reversed its decision and he was not removed from any boards, the initial reaction still stings.

“It still very much has a feeling of some pettiness,” said Laib. “That it went to kind of a nuclear option first is still what disturbs me.”


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