[STREET LEVEL] Katy Perry’s Coming to Town

Katy Perry is moving to Los Feliz. A local Silver Lake restauranteur had hoped to buy the same property and turn it into a hotel, restaurant and nightclub. A court recently found the restaurateur held up Perry’s purchase and has ordered her to pay about $15-million in legal and punitive fees to Perry and the Los Angeles Archdiocese, who owns the property. What do you think about Perry moving to the neighborhood and what do you think of the $15-million legal fee?


“Well, it’s not within my economic budget to think about those kind of figures. They seem big, but who knows? I’m not in an economic bracket to give a fully informed opinion.” –Helen G, outside Skylight Books on Vermont Avenue.


“It doesn’t seem that weird to me, lots of celebrities live around here. But $15-million sounds pretty cozy to me.” –Noelle L., outside Skylight Books on Vermont Avenue.


“Indifferent about Katy Perry moving into the neighborhood. The settlement seems odd, but I think everything has a price, so…” Chris K., outside Good Greek Grill on Vermont Avenue.


“Oh, oh my God. I feel anyone’s allowed to move anywhere they want and we’ve had our share of celebs before. As for the settlement, I don’t know enough about it to comment.” –Jake F., outside Skylight Books on Vermont Avenue.


“I have no problem with her moving in and if she wants to choose that spot, as long as she’s respectful, I’m fine with it. As for the suit, I don’t know enough to comment and there’s two sides to every argument. $15-million sounds like a lot, especially for someone like Katy Perry who is already rich, but if someone says you can’t live somewhere, that’s worth fighting for.” –David W., outside Skylight Books on Vermont Avenue.


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