Triangle Redesign in the Works

City agencies after cleaning the Triangle in 2015.

City agencies after cleaning the Triangle in 2015.

LOS FELIZ—After months of public outreach and controversial proposals, Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu (CD4) and the East Hollywood Business Improvement District (EHBID) have finally settled on a plan for the long-awaited redesign of the Vermont Triangle, a median-turned-park, which has been host to a constant rotation of homeless encampments since its last redesign by then Councilmember Tom LaBonge in 2008—at a cost of $800,000.

The new plan, which should cost significantly less to implement—under $100,000, according to Ryu spokesperson Estevan Montemayor, though exact figures are not yet available—is to install large planters in the median, which would leave only a required five-foot, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant walkway through the median.

“The planters would physically restrict pedestrian traffic [to one walkway] and narrow the area where people [have previously] set up tents,” said Montemayor, essentially making the entire median legal public right of way and “making it enforceable for [the Los Angeles Police Dept.]” to ask those who pitch tents to move.

Jeff Zarrinnam of the EHBID, the organization that controls the Triangle and is responsible for its upkeep, said after extensive outreach to stakeholders, including the East Hollywood Los Feliz Homeless Coalition and the Los Feliz Improvement Assoc., he considers the planter plan to be a great “immediate solution.”

“We do have some longer-term plans that we’re mulling around with,” said Zarrinnam, but “this is something that can be done right now. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s response.”

Zarrinnam declined to provide specifics for such potential long-term plans for the location.


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