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  1. llamalover22 says:

    I was surprised to read the article about the Hollywood Sign Dispute in your August, 2015, edition. For one thing, only one side was presented about the suit and all information came directly from the complaint. No one was interviewed. Many of us who live in Beachwood Canyon are not opposed to the trail being open to pedestrians since access to Griffith Park has been available here since the 1920s. Preferential Parking has been added on weekends and holidays for all of Beachwood Drive north of Ledgewood and the safety issue has been eliminated. In addition, the access is not a new trail. This trailhead was built in 2002 when I was involved in the local homeowners association. The plaintiff in the case used the term “new” trail so that he was within a statute of limitations and could try to make a case to close the trail. Many facts were omitted in this article. Residents of Beachwood Canyon are not all anti-tourists or anti-hikers and I wish that our views were also reported.

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