What People Say About the Los Feliz Ledger

“I read every word, every issue.”

“We always look forward to the new issue of the Los Feliz Ledger because it’s the only place we get truly local news and the features that affect our neighborhood. We read it religiously. Keep up the great work.” –Tania and Trevor Hoff

“It’s great to have a paper that’s focused on local issues that I care about. Keep up the great work.” – Bill Parker

“I love the Ledger. It’s an amazing neighborhood paper. I love reading it.” – D. Fairwealth

“The Ledger is such a gift. It informs me about our neighborhood and creates a cohesive existence.” – David M.

“There are very few newspapers we physically read anymore, but we do read the Los Feliz Ledger.” – Idoya Urrutia, Los Feliz Ledger

“It’s so great the Los Feliz Ledger. It makes for a small home town feeling.” – Q-Mars, Los Feliz Ledger

“I love the paper. I would even pay for it.” – Gloria Buchdahl

“I love having a hometown newspaper. Thank you!!!” – Wendy

“We love the Los Feliz Ledger! Thanks so much for such a wonderful job keeping us informed and united in the community.”

“You’ve done something really good for the area.”

“I love the Los Feliz Ledger and I brag about it to everyone.”

“We love your wonderful paper.”


Testimonials taken from the 2011 Los Feliz Village Street Fair.



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